About Us

We thrive on life-long relationships with our clients who understand the value in building a solid rapport, continually communicating concerns, needs, and desires with one another at all times.  When our customers are not sure about what they want, our creative talents take the lead. When they know exactly what they want, our ability to tune in and see their vision carries them through. Our practical and in-depth knowledge of best avenues for budgeting vs. when it is imperative to invest more in quality, builds added value to every project. From advice on style and design choices to referrals for jobs outside of our wheelhouse, we are the trusted point-person every homeowner deserves.

Our Founder, Bromley Hall

Bromley lives and breathes home building. In his free time, you can find him finishing or beginning his latest project at his own home. His passion is contagious, and his creativity endless.

At age 10, Bromley started to help out at his family’s home remodeling company. His brother-in-law was a great teacher, and Bromley memorized each rule for best practices at length. He became a stickler for perfection, and by age 16 he was assigned foreman on many jobs overseeing team members in the field with over 20 years of experience.  Bromley saw many homes while working all over the island, from Locust Valley to Montauk and The Hamptons, but none struck him quite the way the older homes did. The variety of styles, the beautiful locations, the wood types, the finite or artistic craftsmanship, the exciting challenges, every aspect was fascinating. It inspired a passion for the craft in him that paled in comparison to any other career choice.

To this day, when his kids ask, “What would you do if you could do anything in the world,” his response is always, “Nothing else.” The most fulfillment comes from feeling a connection to his community. Driving around the island, it feels like a grand canvas where he can admire the works of art found amongst the nooks and crannies of various neighborhoods. The ultimate satisfaction, of course, comes from seeing his work enjoyed by others, and admiring all that he and his family have helped to build.

Bromley always works directly with clients, both exclusively and individually. He remains hands-on and on-deck at all times throughout your entire project.

Our Work