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We have built our wealth of experience working on intricate projects with some of the highest quality of materials, and have gained equal experience working within the strictest of budgets. We pride ourselves on the well-developed attention to detail our craftsmanship has become known for. An acquired, refined taste and a keen eye for classic artisanal design help to bring the utmost authenticity to our old world restoration, stonework, and antique projects.  From kitchen and bathrooms, and fine-tuned custom carpentry work, to our knowledgeable and trusted advice on which of the latest appliances and fixtures to purchase for your upgrades, our multitude of experience with modern renovation is evident in everything we do.


Restoring or even working within an old home is unlike any other project. It requires an intricate knowledge of history from an architectural perspective, in addition to the more commonly known aspects of the design. You should never let anyone work on your property before consulting with someone who has an intimate understanding of your home and plenty of experience in the older home niche. At Hall Construction you can rest easy knowing you are working with experts not only in old world aesthetics but also historic preservation and repairs.


Hall Construction’s understanding of the finite details involved in creating various aesthetics shows in all of our wood handiwork. We are highly skilled in full-scale custom carpentry for alterations, additions, and structural repairs. Our expertise in artisanal design millwork including custom-made cabinets, molding, and wall panels, fireplace surrounds, butcher block countertops, bookshelves, columns, doors and frames, window casing, staircases, floors and more will provide you with the luxurious finishing touches you are looking for. We even do beautiful woodwork on yachts!


At Hall Construction, we have a special knack for the kitchen renovation budget strategy. Whether you are doing a minor, major, or luxury remodel, kitchen projects become costly and overwhelming fast. Having the guidance you can trust will make all the difference. We have mastered the process of precise measurements and space-saving solutions to maximize every inch. We always preemptively seek out unforeseen obstacles like gas lines or water pipes, to spare you the stress, and manage your expectations towards achieving kitchen perfection. From advanced-tech appliance options to flooring, tile, countertops, and cabinetry decisions, helping you pair pricey with budget-friendly items without losing sight of your dream is our specialty.


At Hall Construction we have a unique grasp on each of the essential changes needed to improve the functionality, comfort, and appearance of your bathroom. There is a delicate balance between amenity choices that can save space or water and compromising quality, luxury and beauty.  We know how to help you navigate the endless options of tile without losing sight of what is most important for your personal safety and long-term protection against mold, humidity, and stains.  We also tune into commonly forgotten elements, like improved drain pipes that will make a big difference in the operation of your bathroom. We know how to give you the courage to follow your heart and ditch the bathtub in favor of a luxurious shower, and guide you towards selecting the ideal lighting for bringing out the best in your bathroom.


Yachts / boats, walkways, outdoor pieces, doors, sheds, skylights, space solutions, and more!


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